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We are so proud to be supporting this incredible initiative by Emergency Services Healthcalled Find my Hero Australia. Find My Hero AU is an initiative developed to support thehealth and wellbeing of emergency services workers and volunteers across Australiathrough the power of reconnection and saying thank you.As first responders, it can be challenging for us not having that closure on certainincidents where we’ve rescued or helped someone. When someone comes back toreconnect and say thank you, it’s such a special feeling and one that makes our job thatmuch more rewarding.We encourage you to get behind this initiative by sharing your story on Facebook using#FindmyHeroAU, or to help drive awareness follow and tag messages on@FindmyHeroAU so the power of social media can help you reconnect with youremergency services hero and personally thank them.

Posted by Bondi Rescue Lifeguards on Sunday, December 10, 2017

Project details

Produce a series of short videos to help share the great work done by the Emergency Services Health.


PPR Adelaide

What we did

Produced entire video (Produce, direct, shoot, edit & deliver)